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Losing a tooth due to trauma or decay is a serious matter. Although dentures and bridges are common, replacing the tooth with dental implants has become more popular. Perhaps it is because, they offer a long-term solution. In fact, these dental implants can last for as long as 25 years, especially if they are well-cared for.

Dental implants are an extremely effective means of replacing lost teeth. They can provide a solution for many of the problems experienced by denture wearers and create a natural looking, healthy smile. Dentures can slip and slide and this may cause patients to become wary about their dentures, especially when they are eating in front of others or in the public eye. With dental implants this is not a problem, as the implants are screwed into pre-drilled sockets in the jawbone and do not become loose or fall out.

Dental implants provide unrivalled levels of anchorage and support for restorations. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for oral health.



Dental implants are widely regarded as the best alternative to natural teeth because they can last a lifetime, restore functionality to the mouth and create attractive smiles. Dental implants also help to reduce bone loss and provide support for the cheeks, which will prevent the skin from sagging. 

Dental implants do not harm the surrounding teeth or gum tissue and enable patients to speak clearly and eat properly. There is also no risk of the implants coming loose, as they are fixed into sockets in the jawbone. 

Dental implants could make a huge difference to the way you look and feel. At Southlands we oversee the whole treatment process, so if you have any questions about dental implants or you want to find out more, please get in touch!

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