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Root Canal Treatment
Root canal treatment may be necessary if a patient's tooth/teeth become decayed or if an injury has occurred. In such cases the tooth pulp usually becomes damaged, which can often result in a lack of blood to the area and, in turn, infection and tooth pain. Root canal treatment is essential to prevent infection from spreading, consequently saving the need for tooth extraction.

The specialist area of root canal treatment is referred to as endodontics and in complex cases the patient may be referred to an expert endodontist. Also known as root filling treatment, this can be a lengthy procedure dependent on each patient's circumstances.


What’s involved?
The pulp and nerve tissue are removed from inside the root canals, which are then thoroughly cleaned and filled to prevent any further infection. Treatment normally involves two or more visits to your dentist. If your tooth is particularly difficult to treat your dentist may refer you to a specialist endodontist.

What is a specialist endodontist?
A specialist endodontist is a dentist who has undergone specialist training to perform root canal treatment and works with special instruments under magnification, to ensure even the most complicated cases are thoroughly and effectively treated.

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